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"As you do unto the least of these my children, do you likewise unto me".
And Ayn Rand is a liar, because she says how incompatible altruism is with capitalism, BUT all her heroines and heroes DO things that benefit others! That is the way an honest capitalist makes money; we do something that somebody else wants or needs badly enough to be willing to pay for it! We get oil out of mile deep oceans because we will pay to put gasoline in our car. This whole debate is a straw man! Greed is not good; enlightened self interest is the engine that runs the world. The difficulty is finding the enlightenment! But when we do THERE is where we return to do business.
There are obvious functions of society that we cannot do as individuals. For some of these we create corporations or cooperatives or churches or governments or civic organizations or foundations to do together. The REAL challenge is to determine which functions belong where, and how to determine which of those organizations deserve our support and which ones are ripping up off! And sometimes each of those organizations falls into either category.
The only thing worse than government bureaucracy is corporate bureaucracy, and the only thing worse than either is religious intolerance and dogmatism. What makes government bureaucracy so unbearable is that it is so difficult to overcome. Some bureaucrats will be obstructionists only because they can! They won't sign the form because once they sign they have lost their power over you. Others bureaucrats are great facilitators and it is such fun to find one! These last are the people who make instituions work. Thank God for them.
John R. Dykers, Jr.