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I can't believe how much time is wasted by the religious right in America arguing about how is the best way to do things for the poor.  Here in Canada we are lucky enough to have taken democracy seriously, in that we are able to see the democratic process and the governments and legislatures the people elect as an expression of the community that is Canada.  One of our main concerns is that every Canadian person has access to health care, regardless of their ability to pay.  We certainly don't have our doctors share medical records with the government or have "death panels" deciding if grandma should be put to sleep.  In my own personal opinion, freedom is not being able to do what ever you want, it is loving service to your community.  I would argue that the idea of the churches and charities looking after to poor and needy actually is depriving the poor of freedom and is undemocratic.  Care of every member of society should be the concern of every member of society.  In a democracy that is possible like no other system.  When Christians realize democracy as a way to express love for their neighbour, things will get much better.