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Thank you, Jubi, for you kind message. I am taking care of my 85-year old mother now. She moved into my house 7 weeks ago. we had to install a stair glide so she could go to the 2nd floor where I set up two rooms for her. 10 days ago she had to go to the ER and they said it was pneumonia, but I think they may have gotten it wrong because she has made a come back. She also has been on dialysis for a little over two years now. She is very frail. And now that she is back home after her 9 days in the hospital, of course she is weak and tired. I don't know how to actually walk that fine line of helping her make decisions and allowing her to be independent and retain her dignity. We are ...learning as we go here. My main goal is to make her as comfortable as possible, care for her, and find out her wishes ...and carry them out as well. I hope for no more ER/hospital visits.