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Like many, I was very moved by this program. My grandmother lived with my parents for the last years of her life and died in their house. I have always expected to offer the same to my parents but it was also good to be reminded by Jane that, if you can find a good one, care facilities can be a wonderful option and support community for people as they age. Ironically, my oldest brother works at a nursing home and has a particular talent for working joyfully with older people. He may end up handling the whole thing better than I in many respects, and it was good to be encouraged to think about that as well. Finally, Jane's words about living in the company of friends moved me so. My best friend for the last 27 years, though partnered, has no children and neither does her sister. I sent a link to the show to her knowing she would enjoy it and took the opportunity to tell her that I and my children will take care of her if that is necessary. Family is family, regardless of birth, and it's good to say these things now so there's no confusion later.