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Thank you for this profoundly resonating hour and half of unedited conversation about aging and dying. I once heard a saying that "we are children twice and adults once in this life" and I think this conversation explains why those words are so true. As I witnessed my mother's slow physical, mental demise and her evental finality last year, all of the paradoxes, bittersweetness, cliches ad irony of life came crashing in on me. I have lost many loved ones over the years including a spouse, sister, father, friend and many extended family members, but losing a mother in midlife leaves a barreness unmatched. My mother was the longest running human being in my life, I knew her longer and in some ways more intimately than I even know myself and no one can ever replace the conversations, language, lessons and perspective that she shared with me for over 5 decades. Thank you Jane and Krista for giving me words to relish and ponder.