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Dear Krista,

My mind is racing with possablities. My mind seems to be grasping what is going on in this world. However,my body is gradually becoming less useful, no fatal diagnosis as yet; but many very debilating conditions that limit my capacity to function well. At 75 years of age, I realize that this body is slowly dieing and there is a time to die.

The main concern I have is to leave this World gracefully, without burdening my four adult children greatly. Hopefully, to keep good relationships with them as I depart.

Your conversation with Jane Gross today gave me much to reflect on. My firat inclination is to buy her book and try to use it as a bridge to conversations with each of my children regards my concerns. Both my girls have experienced canceer and chemotherpy recently, so they are facing their own mortality. One of my sons has Muscular dystrophy,which hit his heart, giving him Congestive Heart Failure. Now he has a pacemaker/defibrillator inbedded in his chest and is totally disabled. He is also facing his mortality. My other son is relatively healthy. Therefore, I have to be very careful how the subject of my death is approached. Their father died when when three of them were in their teens and the youngest was 11.

Thank you very much, Krista, for broadcasting this conversation this week. I heard the show today, 23 July 2011, on NHPR. Today is my 75th birthday and I consider your broadcast a gift from God.

God's blessings and peace be upon you and your guests.

Joan C. Anderson