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I heard a lecture 15 years ago by an 80-year-old retired physician who related the following story about his father who lived to almost 100. The father was a farmer and adored farming; however in his late 60s, he realized it was too much to farm the whole property, so he sold all but one acre. For 15 years, he farmed the one acre and loved it until he decided that was too much, so he stopped the acre and concentrated on planting his front yard. In his 90s, the steps became too much, so he had window planters and was able to tend his little porch garden until he died. My parents went from being very healthy retirees in their 70s, to 13 hospitalizations in one year between them, two strokes leaving my father unable to drive and needing daily care. I related the story to my mother in hopes she was see the beauty of enjoying your life,making accommodations as your health changes and still finding ways to do what you love. She looked at me with a blank look and said, "Yeah, but I never thought you and or your Dad would ever get old." It has been six years and they both seemed shocked at their declining health.