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I am 86 years old and compliment you for the moving and inspiring readings I heard today. On the otherhand, I feel you are painting the aging subject with too broad a brush. Everyone does not become who they were when they were 10 - only those that do. I am on the treadmill 4 times a week, live a lone, shop, make repairs ad have dinner parties often. There are not an infintesimal number like me but a substantial number. Krista hit the nail on the head when she asked you about living in the present and you did not respond. My philosophy is derived from Hasidic Judaism and let me share with you how a Hasidic Master by the name of Rabbi Aaron of Karlin made that poitn in his reinterpretation of verse 6 chapter 30 of Psalms. The usual is: When God is angry it is but for a moment but his tranquility is forever. Rabbi Aaron offers this: From the Hebrew words Ki Rega, meaning: for a moment, we learn that one should only view life from the vantage point of what is in front of him/her in the moment. and if one does then life is in tranquility. Anging is not a disease requiring research and grand preparations it is part of living and good attitudes and ability to be patient is all that is needed by family members - and they have received enough to gladly offer it, along with care if needed, in return.