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The podcast with Jane Gross was so touching. I am now 69 y.o., have a full time private practice as a psychotherapist and no one knows that I spend the rest of the time in bed with pain and fatigue from Sjogren's Syndrome and Fibromyalgia and now including a stent in my heart, on oxygen, have COPD, have just been diagnosed with epilepsy, have had lower back fusion, a shoulder replaced, need hand surgery, etc., etc. This has been my life for 24 yrs.
I listened to the podcast with dual awareness. I have been Jane to myself, taking care of all the insane details of major medical conditions, juggling 20 active drs., while trying to make a living supporting myself.
I listened to the podcast as Jane's mother. I had a full consciousness, like perhaps her mother did, while all this was being done to and for her.
My spiritual beliefs and practices are what keeps me present and still excited about what each day will bring.
Kristi - thanks for adding to the quality of my time in bed with your wonderful podcasts.