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I generally enjoy easing into Sunday mornings by listening to your interviews. However, the last one with Jane Gross fell rather short. What I missed most was that you did not establish upfront important physical parameters regarding the care the mother of Ms. Gross required. At what age did she begin requiring care, and why? Was this care an hour or two a day, 9-5 every day, or 24/7, and what care did she need? Who delivered what part of this care? How did the care-giving progress, and over what period of time. Etc., etc. Instead, you started immediately with touchy-feely stuff, and even that did not get into truly important issues until way into the show. E.g. it took about 20 minutes to find out that Ms. Gross had been estranged from her mother for a very long time, and another 10 minutes or so to learn that Ms. Gross was single and childless. One was left to wonder what her problems really were, given that in other situations care giver s have to juggle commitments to their own family, to their jobs, as well as to the person who needs care. The show was mostly about Ms. Gross's feelings and thus was rather useless, in my opinion, for most everyone else confronted with the problems of being a care-giver. While I appreciate the sensitivity you exhibit in dealing with your interviewees in general, I think it would be entirely appropriate to be a little more probing now and then.