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I have two sons. One of my sons lives and works in Japan, is fluent in Japanese, knows some Spanish and his "native" language is midwest English. My other son has migrated to Georgia and been in that region for several years. His "native" language, of course, is midwest English as well, but his speech patterns and pronunciation have shifted to a more localized version of English. I am an early childhood teacher in an inner city, high density Spanish speaking school district. This program was highly provocative and informing for me. I am always discerning, analyzing, translating (even English into English)the means to translate relatively complex concepts into understandable terms for my young and eager learners. With the right verbage, the right context, they seem to be able to move right up Bloom's Taxonomy.....but honestly, I feel as if it is more than the verbage or visual or tactile clues.....I have listened to your programs involving the Ojibwe and Adele Diamond, listened repeated times actually, and passed on encouragement to listen to my colleagues.....this program further informs my own fascination with the acquisition of, use of, culture of language but has added to my consideration that there are factors inherent in the very sound of the words.....a word or the combination of words, particularly in story telling, but even in an unintentional, and perhaps less dramatic, context.....this program brought tears to my, of course, I will share my enthusiasm for this program with my colleagues, especially with those that have young children at home.

I spoke with my son that lives in Japan today....Among other things, we spoke about whether or what kind of sensations he feels when he is speaking English or Japanese. Our discussion revealed that he does feel differences that he agreed could go back to what may be defined as bracketing cultural similarities or differences.

Thank you so much. I enjoyed your program very much.

I am a contributing member of public radio. I give to Michigan, 104.1 on my FM dial, each fall and each spring......