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Listening this morning of the guest's observation of what distinguishes the human animal from what we call "animals" and that the distinction is self consciousness, consciousness of ourselves, I've always wondered how it is we can say that. We know so little of our own consciousness, what makes us think, as your guest this morning also observed that as sentient beings, all animals are not conscious of their mortality? Try to get a dog to intentionally run off of a cliff (not that I've tried!). What if, in a way they are more evolved and are at peace with their mortality. What if they are attune to life at a far deeper level than humans? What if our longing for peace and tranquility, regardless of the means by which we pursue it isn't a Jungian collective unconsciousness from the time before Neolithic man when we were at peace and more tranquil, more a part of all life than we are today?