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Sorry, John, but I've proven your theories to be inaccurate many times in my experience. I've seen "the common cold" develop into a serious health issue until I applied Christian Science - and then watched the most virulent illness disappear in a very short time. When I've taken the approach that a "cold" will disappear after a short time I've found the symptoms hanging on and on - and recurring periodically. When I've applied Christian Science, the condition not only stops in mid-cough - I have remained cold free for many years. I have found cold symptoms appearing from listening to sneezes on the telephone!

No physical conditions can appear without a mental consent - albeit not obvious - and they can be overcome by understanding the true laws that govern health. When someone asks me to pray for them - and the condition disappears instantly - or in a short time - you have to see a reality to this understanding of man's spiritual nature.