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I agree with your general points but, I have to say that this was no less disturbing than the rhetoric from Washington.  For example, you note that the Republicans now opposing the increase in the debt ceiling voted in favor of it under the Bush administration - a half-truth on two levels.  First the newly elected tea party members of congress have not previously voted for debt ceiling increases and they are driving much of the debate even if they are not the official leaders of the party.  Secondly, you fail to note that Obama voted against at least one debt ceiling increases during the Bush administration for nearly the same reasons as the Tea Partiers oppose it now.
You also where are the women in this debate, and state that women could knock this thing out.  Obviously implying that women have somehow been marginalized in the debate and indeed would rise above it all and do the right thing.  Let's talk about an implausible narrative.  Have you heard of Michelle Bachman?  And she is on;y one female voice out there if you listen to more than the news clips on Obama and Boehner.