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If we don't take drastic action now, we will need Jesus to come down and multiply some bread and fish, because we will become the Weimar Republic part 2.  Thank God for the Tea Party. Also, the majority of government programs designed to help the folks, "defined" as being at the poverty level, are ineffective. They should be teaching them how to fish, not giving them the fish.  Instead they only serve to make those folks dependent on others.  Charity is much more effective and allows me as a Christian to try to live as Jesus commanded.  I do not want the government to decide that for is individual salvation that is meaningful, not collective salvation.  Another article suggested I should contact my congressman, and so I did.  I stated we need to balance the budget and make it the law.  I also stated we should not balance it by devastating the defense budget, since this is technically the only responsiblity of the federal government as stated in the U.S. Constitution.