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Jared, thank you for this article.  I was having a conversation with one of the ladies in my congregation that turned to something that easily could have been a debate on homosexuality.  Instead, we calmly discussed our thoughts while filling water balloons for campers to use soon.  I felt better not because I changed her mind (which I'm not certain if I did) but because this is a woman in my mostly conservative congregation that I was able to kindly discuss with.  
I think that relationship is the key to it all.  Maybe what Brueggemann really needs to correct in his position is where these conversations take place.  If it is some people reserving space on a college campus simply to yell at passing students (which happens in Pitt at least 3 times a year) then they never came to have relationship, but simply to yell.  Don't keep conversation itself limited to signs, yelling, and passersby.  Have the conversation, and have it often, but don't set out to merely yell at each other.