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Jared, thanks for this.  As an active Disciple, I think this topic is one of the most important issues of justice that Christians face right now.  The situation is improving, but there is still much to be done.  I would make one comment about your article.  I was able to move past many of my old thoughts (and, unfortunately, prejudices) about homosexuality when I became business partners with a lesbian that has been in a longterm monogamous relationship and has adopted children.  Through their example of a beautiful, loving and stable family situation, I came to understand that the issue is not really one of sex, but of love.  The issue needs to be cast not as who "shares your bed" as that triggers many long-standing taboos about sex, no matter who the partner, and makes the subject more difficult to discuss, expecially in a church setting.  Rather, I think we need to think about who you love and who loves you.  Then the issue can be discussed in truly Christian terms.  Perhaps,as it was for me,  it would help others understand that true love is so hard to find and sustain and that no one should be denied the joy that love brings. It is much harder to hate and marginalize someone for whom they love.

In any event, I pray that we will soon learn to be open and affirming to all - no matter who they love.