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I have great respect for Walter Brueggemann and his writings, learned much and hope to learn more as I reread his books, but I think he would be horrified with people who equate his writings to be equal to the Biblical Canon he is so wise in interpreting. Our conversation should not only be with one another, but conversation with the Scriptures. Just as our racial identity is sacred and cannot be changed so is our sexuality just as sacred. So, in our conversation with the Scriptures we gain insight into the mind of God on all issues.Regardless of our race or sexuality we all stand equally before God--, in need of his love and grace. On that score I will always seek mercy and not justice from God. I know what a sinner I am--, alway in need of forgiveness and a new start. But, at the same time we are all called to promote justice toward all who feel marginalized.
The invitation from Genesis to Revelation is "Come all you who are thirsty and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life." (Rev. 22:17) My heart cities with all those who suffer and are rejected. At different moments in our lives we are all marginalized to some degree, and it hurts. But thanks be to God who never stops loving us.