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The Eleventh of September 2001 will always remain etched in my memories. Even today, pictures of the planes slicing into the World Trade Center brings me to tears. The passenger and crews of the planes. The office workers, the fire fighters, the police officers.

From New Jersey, I watched both towers burn, then one tower, and soon the other slowly collapse into an ever widening cloud of dust and smoke. I recall saying out loud "No…that cannot be happening" and praying for all those people.

I wonder what force can drive persons to such acts of hatred? What can bring people to undertake such brutal an act of killing innocent people in the name of "god"? When you look at photos of the "mastermind" of that day, Mohammed Atta, the cold emptiness in his eyes reflect only one thing — on that day the face of evil was his.

Did we learn anything? Hopefully, the answer is yes. Not with better security screening or no fly lists. Sadly, we learned that in some resides a fire of rage and hatred. It is our purpose to extinguish that fire. The question is how?

What can one do? Many things. We should never, ever forget that day. We should always remember that it took 19 men, in four planes, in a few hours to kill nearly 3,000 people and to change the world forever. Only 19 men…