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What we should take from 9/11 is that hate and violence is still evident in the world.
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A: At first I really didnt want to listen to this broadcast, I am kind of sick of hearing about 9/11. I am not saying that I don't care about what happened to the thousands of innocent Americans who lost their lives. That is not what I'm saying. God bless those people. But I don't think that those we lost would want us to dwell on the past and never learn anything from the tragic event.

On a personal note, my aunt Tammie worked and still works for American Airlines. She lives in Washington D.C. Her normal flight that she flies, was the flight that hit the pentagon. The day before 9/11, her father had been in the hospital, he was dying from cancer. She didn't go to work the next day because her father had died. On 9/11 she lost every coworker that she normally worked with. The only reason her life was spared is because she lost her father the day before.

So when I say I feel compassion for those who lost their lives, I really mean it. But just like those on the broadcast were discussing, we Americans are not looking at the bigger picture. We are not the only victims affected by that day! They also kept discussing repentance and that we should of repented the day before 9/11, in the 1800's, 1900's, and even now. Those who lost their lives God bless, but did we almost do this to ourselves?

When Osama Bin Laden was caught and killed, the young people of America where gathering around the white house celebrating. Me, not being too patriotic, I was disgusted by this. How can we celebrate the death of a man? Just as stated in the broadcast "by hunting down terrorists we are in danger of engaging with our enemies and becoming like them." We were already like this. Do we not remember all the wars prior to this? Do we not remember all the innocent lives that were lost, due to the hands of Americans?

What we should take from 9/11 is that hate and violence is still evident in the world. Who is going to change this? Will we stay mourning all those who lost their lives, or will one of us stand up and make a difference in the world?