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Great article---I'm really curious about the context/backstory of Marilyn Monroe's posing with the Lincoln photo, obviously in California (one of these three just doesn't belong . . . )
Statesmanship aside, 19th century politics also included brawls and duels, often in chamber.  Imagine Pres. Obama dueling with the congressman who blurted out "you lie!" from the floor. Andrew Jackson had no qualms about "defending his honor."  Pres. Obama needs to have more "beer summits" in the Rose Garden.
Both as a man and as one who grew up with the notion of politics being the summit of patriotic civil duty---being cumulatively jaded ever since Watergate---I am saddened by the scandals and by the exploitative journalism.  Not letting the male pols off the hook, but I am also disgusted with the equally poor behavior of predatory (or at least willing and available) females who apparently follow politicians as if they were professional athletes.