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Compelling article! 
First, I would agree that politics and the media that controls it, largely over-consumed with sex such as you emphasize in the Weiner example. It does seem as though throughout history there has been some preoccupation with sex, the body,and perhaps as a greater expression of "self image". However, with our present day "smallness" of independent thought characterized by the "greatness" of our media giving us daily doses of "whos hot" and "what to care about", perhaps this obsession has gone further than ever before. 
I think this contrast that you touch on of smallness and magnanimity, is one of many layers. 
In a past very "rustic" living situation in the heart of Costa Rica, I had the experience of being/feeling/knowing something so much greater than I'd felt before and since. I believe this greatness of connection came from living smaller (ie. less stimulus to compare myself). And while in the back of my mind I knew there were people living in million dollar mansions comparative to my one bedroom shack, it didnt mattter, i didnt witness it, i was happy. 
It seems that as globalization gets bigger, our recognition of our internal witness gets smaller, perhaps just quieter, out-noised by the bombardment of "who (mostly people we've never met and will never meet) is doing what and where". Perhaps our focus has become so panoramic that it is time to refocus on something small again, as individuals, and a global culture.
It does seem that most of the antics of politics is steeped in this belief that we exist only in the view of others (ie. looking good). With less of this pull to "look" any certain way to anyone and acknowledgement and reverence for our "own inner voice", it is perhaps possible, even in politics, to make similar choices to those that our forefathers made, a selfish choice of selflessness.