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Seeing this post at this time was serendipitous...I just sang last night in a choral concert with the great Dr. Isaye Barnwell of the a capella group Sweet Honey in the Rock (if you have never had her as a guest, she would be great!!) - the theme of the concert was "I Am Determined to Walk in Freedom", and it celebrated/commemorated the common experience of slavery and oppression in the Jewish and African American narratives.  We sang a powerful cantata of Passover selections from the Haggadah, the source text used at Passover seders to discuss and re-experience the Exodus, and spirituals led by Dr. Barnwell, connecting with the Civil Rights movement.

The evening was started off with a video montage of an interview with Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel and Rev Martin Luther King, who marched together at Selma so famously.