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I think the comparison with language change is quite apt. If you look at how Islam spread in Central Asia in the 7th and 8th century, which began a slow, five to eight century long process of relgious change, you see that the economic and social benefits of Islam won out eventually, though other religions lasted in the region for centuries. Christians are now forming community in other ways though too, and though the visible church-on-every- street corner phenonmemon may now look different, there are still vast communities of christians linking up and forming community with one another across the world. The internet and facebook have a huge role in this. I found a group of very sophisticated Orthodox christians online and joined the church and am now part of what I call Ortho-nation online. It's weird. So I would respond to the last sentence in the piece by saying this is indeed happening. The phenonmenon extends well beyond facebook and the net too to things happening on the ground.