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We have been blinded by the "college syndrome" : i.e.: in order to succeed you need a college education!  All of this hype is a load of bull----, promulgated by the money pits known as colleges and/or universities.  Rather than having qualified plumbers, electricians, chefs and the like, the educators would like us to accept BA/BS, MA, or PhD candidates to sell us the coffee at McD, or the 2x4 at Lowe's.  Talk about overqualified?  Then when we need a carpenter or plumber, one is not around since the politicians cut funding for the alternate or technical studies programs throughout the U.S. but kept the funding open for the major (sports) colleges/universities.  Toilet backing up?  Roof collapsing?  Shock from wall switch?  Call a college/university "hot line" and they will tell you when the next sports extravaganza is, or Sorority/Fraternity bash, but no help in living the good life.