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If we expect them to ask why bombs are falling on them  why can't we ask the same when they fall on us?History did not start on the glorious morn as we were innocently"minding our own business"  though that is our false narrative-we meddled and propped up dictators where we rendered people to be tortured and murderedAnd we supported the dictators' torturing of all dissidents-left wingers in the cold war or religious ffundamentalists who were against our dictatos. All for cheap oil, military bases and cold war purposes.Two wrongs never make a right but we can't claim to value human life when we supported iraqs' war gainst iran ,when we imposed sanctions on iraq knowing a million iraquis would die, and when we propped up murdering dictators for our interests!They brought us to the knowledge -for the first time-that there were consequentes to US for our policies toward THEM. That is the source of our anger-they momentarily upset the power relation -where we could act in the world with impunity.Our wars now are to reassert our position that we can act in the world with impunity [by killing and torturing all  uppity saudis[alquada] made our future in arabia uncertain we needed a new supply of oil and military bases. Iraq which was not fundamentalist hence those iraqis might not object to us being there erroneeosly surmised[alquada's problem with us was not about our religion]-looked promising for us so we resorted to mass murder and occupation  of iraq to satisfy our interests. Considering we spent the whole 20th c and now21st c ,dropping bombs on men women and children -our righteous indignation is about the fact they did to us what no one else had done and we never expected would or could do. How-dare they-didn't God tell these people that when we kill it's good but when they kill it's bad. Didn't God tell these people that only americans have the right to drop bombs on people?How dare those uppity indigenopus muslims[alquada] victimized by our policies against their people believe otherwise and make us aware that our policies towards them could acturally cost us at home! Welcome to the 21st c - the century of the the people,all people, not regimes,nation states or even militay superpoweres but people -launched by Osama on 9-11!.Our narrative that jihad is about religion and they attacked us because we're not muslim-is a false self serving narrative to hide our unjust meddling policies in the mid east. Their" jihad" is political-only in the fact that their identification is primarily as muslims is it religious. Osama supported the arab uprisings against dictators .He died believing in his heart that he did not start this war .He died believing he was a freedom fighter for his people[muslims] who the west had harmed by our policies. Yes he was guilty of mass murder -but so are we -whether directly or via proxy dictators or our  support of wars between iraq and iran]. May he rest in peace and may God have mercy on his soul.