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As a professional religious person I am supposed to pray and do lead people in prayer every day as a chapain. Along the way in my forty plus years as a religious leader I've gone thru the full spectrum of questions, doubts, and participation in the prayer experience. Personally I participate in prayer intentionally at least a couple of times a day, following the ancient routines of Jewish/Christian prayer and the "Keeping of the Hours." In my work as a Chaplain I lead the community where I work in daily 11:00 am prayer. We read the Daily Lectionary readings, participate in silent and spoken prayer along the order of praise, confession, and thanksgiving/intercession. I have come to believe that prayer is a significant resource to calm anxiety, reduce depression, connect w/ persons and circumstances world wide that threaten our well being, and that prayer can lead to reduced blood pressure levels. I also am aa follower of the mindfulness-centered approach within the Buddhist tradition. I have a mindfulness bell "app" on my android that calls me back to center. The Great Spirit, however defined, awaits our connection and offers hope, grace and calm.