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Some random reactions to this very frustrating "song of myself: episodes in a privileged lifestyle":

You don't need to walk on sand dunes to experience transcendence and Cape Cod is no more a place of spirituality than Times Square.

Baby boomers want to be friends with their children. Growing up in the 60s there was clear divide between children and their parents, driving in the car or otherwise. We played in the park with other children with no chaperones. I am not saying this was good just making an observation.]

Humans have been trying to escape their everyday reality since time began, and being fully present is no easier or harder to achieve in the 21st century as the 1st.

As a child I was often chastised for reading too much. Books are indeed a technology. I would never leave my apartment without a book to read on the subway. Now I have my iPhone.

Nobody is forcing the author to have a public email or go on radio shows to promote herself and her book.