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I am constantly intrigued, and saddened, by the way in which some people such as Rmwolfe holds up a mirror image of 'the other side' which seems more accurately to describe one's own fears and paranoia.
Indeed, many Christian Palestinians and Muslim Palestinians would tell you that the shame that they find themselves struggling with in Israel/Palestine is that there are Jewish scholars and Rabbis who hold up the Old Testament or Torah and claim that only the Jewish People are God's 'chosen' and the rest of us are lesser beings.

In this 21st c there is no excuse for anyone to claim superiority over any other in our common humanity. It is simply shameful ignorance. The people in Israel/Palestine that this writer urges the USC and Being team to be cautious of are the courageous people of the Middle East today. They are the ones who, in the face of persecution by the Israeli authorities, persist in meeting with those from 'the other side' to hold claim to their common humanity and uphold each other's dignity. They work untiringly to try to rescue Israel's soul from being destroyed by occupying a people - the Palestinians- who have lived in this ancient land for as long as the Jewish people... And until 1948 they lived side by side and shared the land.

This is what these people who work so hard for peace with justice and dignity are working towards: a time where all of the people there acknowledge their common Semitic roots and can live beside each other in an acceptance of religious differences that share many prophets in common, not least Abraham. Listen to them...and their plea for compassion and understanding of each other's common humanity...they speak for so many of those at the 'grass roots' who feel they have no voice. And trust them! It is trust that is so sadly missing from the politicians that claim to speak for the people here. But these people are building trust wherever they work so that hope remains alight of what is possible...