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Nancy decides in her mind that I am hiding some kind of sense of superiority, then goes on talking about it as if it exists. You need to accept that you are the one that NEEDS me to be full of hate, because then you can dismiss everything I said. As a religious Jew, I actually appreciate the religious sentiments of Muslims and their dedication to their faith, something that most atheistic liberals in America have not got a clue about.

Teaching hate is routine in Palestinian schools. It is forbidden in Israel. Even President Obama had to weigh on in this I did not ever say that talk of peace should stop. What I said is that too many people, like Nancy, go on with platitudes about peace while refusing to acknowledge real issues that need to be addressed. Everyone loves to criticize Israel, but I DARE Nancy to openly criticize any Palestinian about the institutionalization of hatred in their culture, in their media, in their schools. She'll be essentially told that she's either on their side or their enemy. She'll probably decide to keep quiet because it's safe.

My son was involved with Hillel House at the University of Illinois. There was a pro-Israel parade, and he decided to approach the Muslim student organization about having a dialogue and understanding, and avoiding inflammatory talk or any type of violence, since the Muslim students wanted to have a counter-parade. They had a pleasant chat, but at the end the Muslim students told him, in more or less these words: "well, it's nice you want to talk to us, but our religion teaches us we cannot trust Jews because they are not trustworthy and will stab you in the back." My son wanted to know where this was in the Koran. He was told: "It's not precisely in the Koran, but it is in many of our other religious writings."

If this is how highly educated Arab students talk in an American university, how do you think they talk in Gaza? All I am saying is: pursue peace, but keep your eyes open and realize that there will be no peace until institutionalized hatred ends. Hatred must end on both sides, not just on Israel's side. Chamberlain can come back from Nazi Germany talking about "peace in our time," but there will be no peace when children are taught to hate.

As far as the Koran on Jews, you can find some quotes here: