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My experience as a Jew is that--while most Jew hatred has come from the political right in the past century or so--today's Jew hatred comes from the political left. Due primarily to white guilt, the political left elevates "other" cultures above Western culture, which it sees as the source of all evil in the world. Jews, through their assimilation into the greater Western culture, are no longer seen by the left as "other". Muslims have replaced them in this position. Since the Jewish State is seen as an element of the evil "us" that is actively (though not electively [my point, not the left's]) at war with the the Muslim "other", the left hates Israel and by proxy Jews. Every incident of anti-Semitism I have experienced in my life (including some anti-Semitism coming from Jews themselves) has come from the political left. If you'd like to know more about this phenomenon, I would suggest reading a fascinating book by Norman Podhoretz titled "Why Are Jews Liberals?"