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This makes complete sense to me. And that is my burden also. I am deluded with the idea that what makes total sense to me makes total sense to most others. Not true. So how do I communicate this to them? How does Ms Tweedie communicate this to them? I guess you just keep saying the truth and perhaps people will catch pieces of it along the way. We in the West simply must stop thinking we can define and rationalize everything. Tweedie is right - transcendence is falling into ambiguity, not understanding but letting go of the need to understand. Becoming totally submissive to and comfortable with the mystery - and this is the goal of all spiritual practice, regardless of the religious context. One of the most important things she said was you will get the right guru whether its what you think is right or not. Every encounter - blissful or painful - is a lesson about who we are. Awareness is key.