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 There is a little confusion here introducing Irena Tweedie as a Hindu Sufi. Irena Tweedie belongs to an Indian branch of Sufism. The teacher of her teacher did not think that one should change one religion  and convert to Islam in order to become a Sufi. Sufism is the ancient wisdom of the heart and is a path of love. A path of direct relationship with the Beloved. Love is not a religion but a living force within the heart.She was the first woman to be trained in this ancient Sufi lineage.  Her teacher asked her to write a diary recording all her experiences with him .He predicted that the it will become a book which will go around the world. The book Daughter of Fire is  a record of her training and time with her teacher in India. published by the Golden Sufi Center.
 Irena Tweedie past away in1999 and her  work is continue by her successor Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee.
It is so wonderful that you have posted this  interview on the Being blog.Wonderful program! Wonderful Blog.Thank you for recognizing the depth of her offering.  For more information about Irena Tweedie, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee and the Golden Sufi Center please visit: