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You wrote" While going through the process of divorcing my husband, living as a single mother with my daughter, working full time in a classroom for severely physically and cognitively disabled children, and going to college full time in the evenings, I began to ponder what true love is" I will offer the following suggestion. It's suffering though the hard times of a marriage fighting to make it work is the lesson of Fran. Self sacrifice all for Lily should be your focus. She had the right to have a whole family. She had the right to a parent who has time for her. How do you have time for Lily while your in a class for emotional draining and physically challenging children? How do you have time for Lily while your off taking college courses? When do you have time for Lily when you have to do homework? If you ripped your family apart to save your self and Lily from abuse or worse why occupy all your time without her while you have sole custody?
Fran knew true love. But that love took a lot of hard work. Not every day was pleasant, or kind and she had to turn the other cheek many times but she stuck with it. She took a vow and she has character that has carried her 79 years being true to that vow.

I hope Lily's dad is not a total shit and make up for the hole you have made in Lily's life. She deserves to have a mother every waking moment. Not just when you can squeak her in. My be Lily will get to be one of your classmate's first patients.