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Oh, Why Oh Why is it so hard for folks to accept that two people of the same sex can and do fall in love and spend the rest of their lives with each other? Why do they continue to compare them to pedophiles, sado-masochits, etc.? Why do they look upon them as evil, evil people? Most of them are truly kind and loving folk. Having more love in their heart apparently than those who criticize their lifestyles. It is true there are "bad apples" among them, just as there are "bad apples" in the heterosexual people of this world. No, I am not a homosexual because I wasn't wired that way. But I believe God is the creator of all of us, and He loves all of us equally. And I believe that God judges us by the love in our hearts we have for Him and our fellow man, woman, child, not our sexual preferances.