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Egypt has no oil, no industry, no potrucdion of any sort. There is Western tourism, and there is Western aid, and that is all. Mubarak knew that Egypt couldn't survive without Western handouts. So he didn't take the Syrian route of violent supression. Thus he lost power, and eventually his head as well.So now that a middling dictator has been replaced by an Islamic theocracy, are we still going to feed the entire country ie do for the theocrats that hate us, what we wouldn't do for Mubarak, who supported us? By freely giving aid to a country that violates our principles in thought, word, and deed In other words, are we going to essentially pay Egypt to be violently theocratic, supressing and/or murdering it's minorities, while violating every Western Liberal value we hold dear? And if so, why? Forget humanitarian pc blabbering. The whole country voted to go that way, the whole country is agreed on the murderous suppression of minorities. The whole country voted to elect representatives to write a constitution that outlaws invididual freedom. They have no right to ask for any humanitarian anything. It's time to cut off the aid, and let them suffer the consequences of their own actions. The sudden discovery that the inevitable result of running a nation on the values and rules of Medieval Islam is mass starvation may just possibly wake them up. Nothing short of that will .