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In October 2010, I attended a weekend-long conference (for lack of a better word) on Christian Mysticism. It ended up being more about Inter-religious dialogue. On the third and final day we met at an Episcopal church to hear a panel of authors and professors talk about why mysticism is important to them. In attendance were Jews, Pagans, Wiccans, Christians, and Muslims. No one fought about anything because all of us were there with open hearts, truly desiring to see the Virigin Point in each person. More important to each of us than anything else was how we can promote peace in our communities. No one was there to convert the "other" because each person in attendance had an already deep respect for the paths and traditions of the "other." When we each would talk about our own spiritual journey or our tradition, someone from another tradition would inevitably say something to the effect of, "That's an aspect of your tradition that I find so lovely, that I wish were an aspect of mine."

It was a soul-feeding experience.