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Great point about how we evaluate film, and indeed culture.

Akira Kurosawa, Brad Bird and Elia Kazan are all directors who build stories around their main character's moral compass (or lack thereof.)

Kurosawa's Ikiru and Red Beard tell some of the most inspiring stories of people living sacrificial lives and doing it in obscurity.

Presumably kid's movies, Bird's Iron Giant and Ratatouille are all driven by inspiring moral compasses.

We can be taught by bad examples. Kazan's A Face in the Crowd is a powerful tale of what power can do to a person with a weak moral compass.

Great stories come out of a character finding, or regaining their moral compass as well. Clive Owen's character in Children of Men ultimately regains his moral compass.

Though it's not really teachable, we as Americans, often enjoy characters that seem to operate on their own moral compass or code of honor. Steven Soderberg's The Limey is a personal favorite in this category.