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We humans are universally hung up on stories ever since we were put on earth and able to communicate, IMO. They are the way collective wisdom has been transmitted through the ages.

Movies today are the preferred way we get our story fixes, so actual and engaging not to
mention beautifully photographed and so conveniently gotten laid back in our seats.

Though many of them offer great wisdom in that convenient way of sitting back and just watching, there are those exceptional ones that can sometimes wake us to truths. These great ones rise head and shoulders above the ( feel good boy/girl, love conquers all) stories or too hackneyed to offer much takeaway.

To become fully Enlightened, it would appear that it's necessary to know all the possiblities existence offers to have that kind of comprehension an Enlightened Being would have. Stories provide us with that possibility since most of us cannot live that fully in one lifetime. Stories allow us to attain vicarious karmas that will advance higher consciousness.
When we experience stories that grab us, they are life-changing, in my own experience.