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My husband and I come back time and again to Billy Eliot – because of its message of each person needing to follow their own passions and because of the ultimate love and acceptance the boy receives from his father and brother. We also loved the Lord of the Rings, though we aren't generally fantasy lovers, because of its message of a wide assortment of beings overcoming their differences, applying their differing gifts, to change the world for the better – and because it reminds us time and time again that despair is the greatest ally that evil has in the world. The HBO series "The Wire" forced us to question so many of our assumptions about evil and to look at the hells our society creates straight on and try to at least understand them with more subtlety. And The Road, the film from last year, forced us to think about "carrying the flame," struggling to keep making moral choices in a world in hope is gone and death and savagery surround you.