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Christmas has been virtually reinvented the last 30 years or so in mass media culture as a totally secular holiday that emphasizes consumption. I think this may be, among other things, an artifact of the ambiguity of a "certain cohort" of the baby boom generation (sorry for the fudging a bit here because I'm not quite sure how to put it and this is a big group) has towards the Holiday and how they might handle it vis a vis their children. So least common denominator becomes gift giving and personal consumption. Christmas cards for example, seem to be disappearing, replaced by Facebook greetings in my experience, but even those are surprisingly few among my middle aged friends now that I think about it.

I know that many are actually weary of the "holiday season" as it's perceived as obligatory and just a weeks-long chore to only satisfy those friends and family with a sense of entitlement.

The "spirit of giving" could use a 'reboot'.