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Shubha: Your comment "Journalism, to me, seems to be the attempt to reconcile that tension by finding common space between the data and the narratives." is a tension I, and so much of the scientific community, have been struggling with. (See Randy Olson's Don't be SUCH a Scientist.) I see hints from many fields (science, religion, medicine, government, etc) that we are seeking to reach beyond our particular "information silos" (data) and connect to the larger world, to the world of experience (narrative). I believe that this transition is being facilitated by our quest for living consciously (i.e. in the full complexity of the beings that we are). My beacon of hope for moving into comfort with the full complexity of who I am as a "being", rather than simply who I am in any of my roles, is Karla McLaren's Language of Emotions which brings meaning to my seemingly chaotic internal world of emotions, and thereby allows me to live more consciously, more intentionally. By finding meaning and order in my world of emotions (narrative), I can widen my experience, with more sure-footedness, to include narrative and thereby that tension between data and narrative becomes relaxed. I am hoping that Being will interview Karla McLaren as her work has brought me the scaffolding on which I can now build my quest into the "big questions of life" - a quest for which your podcasts and media space are instrumental in allowing me to witness deep conversation on these topics.