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When my Jewish children were in a secular nursery school, the teacher asked me to come in and explain Hannukah. I brought my guitar, a menorah and some dreidels along with a picture book that explained the story, causally mentioning that in America, we exchange small gifts over the 8 nights of the holiday. I thought the children had a nice time learning about Jewish holiday traditions. In the spring, while waiting to pick up my children from school, I got into a discussion with another mother about my plans for Passover. Suddenly, a woman yelled "You're the one!". It seems I'd "ruined" her Christmas, because her 4-year-old was much more excited about 8 nights of gifts and a spinning top than a tree and a visit to Santa Claus. She wasn't exactly interested in a lesson about multi-culturalism as she chewed me out. My children are grown now, with families of their own. Unlike that women from years past, they are comfortable with the cultures of others while celebrating their own.