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It depends on whether you are looking at things from a theological perspective or a sociological perspective.  Rabbi Sacks is correct from a theological standpoint that Sukkot (i.e. Tabernacles) along with Shavuot (i.e. Pentacost) and Pesah (i.e. Passover) are the three major holidays on the Jewish calendar.  However, most American Jews are not versed enough in their heritage to know that fact and so two out of three pilgrimage festivals are all but ignored by the non-Observant.  The "Hallmark Holidays" that have survived have done so for sociological reasons:  Hanukah because of its proximity to Christmas, Passover because its rites are home-based, and Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur because of a sense of once-a-year obligation to come to the synagogue on the High Holidays (though attendance during the High Holidays is actually declining among Generation X and younger).

I find it interesting that you send your children to the preschool at the JCC.  Is your spouse Jewish?  What made you choose the JCC?