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The Legal system here in the states has threads of relegious based "laws" in it obviously. Mr. Moghul points out the application of Shari'ah at its most compassionate and charitable. Unfortunately There are those who interpert Shari' ah in the harshest terms. This is what the people of Oklahoma no doubt fear. Educating people on the importance of fair and compassionate interpertations will help . Also one must considered that our laws are supposed to be as secular and moral as possible.So it would be questionable for a court to rule using Shari'ah as if it were a secular law applicable to all citizens , muslim or not. Nor should Shari'ah ( or any other relegious law) be used to avoid the concesquenses meted out by the state/federal courts where the transgressions are severe. People I am sure are worried about so called honnor killings, the stoning of women ,things that are often associated with Shari'ah in the press.
It isn't fair but it is the reality that the first wave of of any new immagernt group bares the burden of proof. Proof that the traditions and releigions it brings with it are not a threat to the status quo . That yes they are people just like"us" who are here now because they to believe in the most basic principles of the american society. The things the make one an american regardless of where you were born. The principles that the people of Oklahoma hold dear but... in their fear of the unknown are not exercising fully.
It always impresses me how the people I know and meet who are muslim extend themselves in everyway to anyone who wishes to learn more about their relegion and the different traditions of their faith. It also makes me smile to see my childern and their friends of every faith talking,laughing , arguing studying and playing together without a thought of the differences between them but simply accepting and incorporating them into their relationships. So there as cliched as it sounds is where our hope must rest.