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I think the laws in this country are just fine the way they are. If any changes need to be made, we already have provisions to do so. We really don't need input from another country or religion, because our laws have been working for over 300 years, and they address the needs and expectations of a multicultural, multi-religious, multinational commonwealth. So, I believe that Sharia should be left to the Muslim nations where it is practiced (very questionably so, at least from the human rights watch's perspective) and amend US law according to the provisions we already have. Muslims in this country have as many stipulations in the law that already exists in order to be able to practice the 5 pillars and the Quran's teachings. Muslim scholars can't even agree on which of the hadith are valid, let alone practice Prophet Muhammad's teachings of compassion and respect among Muslims themselves, so I say live and let live. Our Constitution is built on the concept of mutual respect. Whatever challenges the Muslim community is facing because of terrorism actually have nothing to do with the way that US law is practiced, rather these are challenges that need to be addressed within the Muslim community. And when a united voice can be attained, then this voice should be used to support the diversity of the American population, not add what is unnecessary, what would cause even more tensions in the current political atmosphere.