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It is really good to see the dialogue here. That is what this show, I hope, should be able to bring about. I feel bad for the people who were offended or maybe upset is a more accurate word. I can understand, at least to some degree, why they feel the way they do especially in light of the horrible and heart wrenching suicides which have been occurred which have now been brought to light. I think it is important to remember, though, that we cannot just present the ideas that we agree with or that seem "politically correct" and more acceptable, but be able to take an honest look at those who, with conviction, believe things that some may find difficult to understand. Although I didn't agree with everything Mr. Mouw said, I admired his willingness to talk about it in such a public way and his perspective. I think it is important to be honest that a lot of people feel the way Mr. Mouw does and we have to respect his opinion especially when he is so willing to put himself out there on this very tender topic, just as we would like him to respect our own opinions. Do I think there is a limit on this? Yes. In otherwords, do I think "Being" should play host to a white supremist neo-nazi and we should all respect their opinions, no, I don't. Who is to say where those limits are? I don't know. HOwever, my impression of Mr. Mouw was that his beliefs were not out of hatred or fear, but from what he believed to be right. To me there is a difference. I realize some might think it is all the same.
But I think Mr. Mouw is trying to be true to his convictons while being open to individual human beings in love. Do we not all admit that there are other people, even groups of people, who rub us the wrong way and we do not agree with their convictions? Whether the group of people we don't agree with is far right wing politicians or evangelicals, the tea party movement, the athiest, the catholics, the lists goes on, hopefully we aspire to still take those people as individuals and even as a group in a way that is not hateful or judging them but understanding their convictions and lifestyles are not our own.