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i just listened to the "uncut" version of the conversation with Mr. Mouw... i had already listened to the aired version. i was really "disappointed" as well... to echo chad's voice. i really struggled with "why" would he be included in this show. i listened on the train riding along the hudson river from manhattan to the bronx... and on my walk home from the train. "was i mad at krista?' such dialog in my head. i was --- i don't know--- bummed. i ove this show!

chad's so eloquently stated what is so closely aligned to my relationship with sof/being. i recommend it all the time. i was having to talk myself "off the edge."
So many things that Mr. Mouw was saying is agree with and really respect. should i discount it because of his views on gay marriage?

i find myself here so moved by the exchange between chad and kate. THANK YOU !

i really come to the site... just no time... something led me here tonight.

you will recognize this...."i will not let this go until i find the blessing..." there it goes... bless us all. peace + love, k