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This morning (2/22) I awoke to a very short NPR tidbit about a straight couple who got married while running a marathon. I got the lightheartedness of this piece, and at the same time I just got sad. As a person who is part of the 18,000 same sex legally married couples in California, I long for a time when same sex couples have this same opportunity to express their marriage in whatever form they choose. To have media coverage as in, "look at those cute whacky kids" not "look at those protesters". Like lots of days, I take this sadness and check the status of Prop 8, DADT, DOMA, health care and a myriad of others topics that effect my day to day life.

I'm sharing this because it points to what I really want in terms of a civil discourse. For me, a civil conversation must include the personal. Both the speaker and the listener must be left with a sense of being heard and known. I would LOVE the opportunity to discuss same sex marriage equality with some one who disagrees with me. I really want to understand the resistance to same sex equality. I want to hear the personal. I want to understand and speak to that. The way it is now, I preach to the choir and in return get screaming media heads. How and where can disagreeing "sides" interact in such a personal way?