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Very well spoken. I am a new listener and this was the third episode that I heard.
For the record, not that it should matter, I am not a christian
I found myself listening for the apolgetic tone....and it came. The irony is that I think the apolegetic tone come from a general fear of vocal anti-conservative critics and trying to appease them early. How is that embracing compassion and understanding?
For example, I thought that Ms Tippets carefully worded description of the person that committed suicide during the production of the show came off as being slightly accusatory to her guest. Mr. Mouw was very thoughtful and gave me a sense of aspiration to be better at compassion...... and to fearlessly hold to principles that are important to me in face of criticism and harsh treatment, but with compassion.
Unfortunately, the conversation has reinforced my belief that the show is anti-conservative. And more disturbing, that being conservative is somehow comparetively related to ills in our society and the only way to touch the great unwashed is to put a token conservative on the show. It feels like there is an ignorance, anger and confusion from the production staff against conservative values that came through during the show and the response from Ms. Moos.